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Statement From American Jewish Leaders: Smotrich Should Not Be Given A Platform In Our Community


Israel Policy Forum

03 March 2023

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Israels Crisis Must Be Our Call To Actions

J Street

13 February 2023

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We, the undersigned, who have served in the past as Deputies to the Attorney General of Israel, and as General counsels to the Government Ministries, to the General Security Service (Shabak) and the Police, wish to express our support – first and foremost for the Attorney General, and for our fellow colleagues, the current General Counsels to Government Ministries, who perform their duties courageously and with the utmost professionalism.

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American Jewish Organisations Call To Shun Bezalel Smotrich

Progressive Israel Network

03 March 2023

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JCall new Appeal : Ensuring democracy in Israel



12 December

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Choose Democracy, show your support


Choose Democracy

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