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The New Coalition

The Israeli elections and the formation of the new government raised significant concerns within Israel and world-wide in particular among Jews of all faith traditions and among Palestinians. While the conflict is decades old, the current Israeli policies challenge the fundamental building blocks of Israeli society; namely, that Israel is a democratic state with a commitment to human rights for all its citizens and a desire for a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  
J-Link is responding to the outcry of concern in Israel and in the Diaspora in relation to its democracy, its international reputation and the danger of a  slide into tribal violence that threatens the security of both Jews and Palestinians.
J-Link’s goal is to provide an easy to access resource for concerned groups who are seeking trusted information sources to better understand the issues, responses by Israelis and those in the Diaspora in a wide range of communities.

The Coalition Agreement and It's Consequences

Demonstrations In Israel and The Diaspora

Global Advocacy

Latest News

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